Our Values

We believe that everyone should have access to quality employment law services, regardless of their language ability or financial situation.

Employment Advocates are experts in resolving conflicts and disputes at work. We can represent employees/individuals or employers

We are experienced negotiators and aim to resolve complex employment issues quickly and efficiently. 

At Work Fair, we provide legal services for employment matters in Chinese/Mandarin and English in New Zealand. 

We are “People Oriented” employment representatives, and we encourage everyone to solve their employment issues.

Therefore, we provide an initial free consultation to discuss your employment matter. We are happy to provide initial advice on a range of areas, with the purpose of giving you the tools you need to solve the problem. 

When you contact us, one of our consultants will assess your case for free.

When it is necessary, they will then assign it to the Employment Advocate best suited to help you. 

An Employment Law Advocate will contact you to discuss your case in depth within 48 hours.