Helpful Links & Resources (COVID-19 Subsidies & Support)

COVID-19 Wage Subsidies – Employer Search

To make sure all COVID-19 wage subsidy payments are transparent and that the scheme is accountable to the public, you can search for companies that have received payments.

You can use the ‘COVID-19 wage subsidies – employer search’ to search for employers who have received any of the COVID-19 Wage Subsidies. 

Employer Search Overview (Ministry of Social Development)

Employer Search Form (Ministry of Social Development)

The search will tell you:

  • The name of the employer
  • The number of employees for whom payment has been made
  • The amount paid
  • The type of COVID-19 payment paid.
Requesting Confirmation of Inclusion in Wage Subsidy Applications as an Affected Employee

If you have checked the Wage Subsidy Employer Search and found that your employer has received the subsidy, but:

  • you haven’t received a payment; and
  • you haven’t been able to find out from your employer whether you were included in their application.

You can complete this form to find out whether or not you were included in your employer’s application (Ministry of Social Development)

Wage subsidy schemes and Leave Support complaints

Fill out this form if you believe an employer is receiving a wage subsidy or Leave Support Scheme but is not meeting the conditions they agreed to (Employment NZ)

With COVID-19 and the lockdown, employees are bringing forward complaints relating to unjustified redundancy, wage cuts, enforced use of annual leave, and issues surrounding the wage subsidy.

However, regardless of COVID-19, employment rights have not changed.

If there are changes in the workplace, it can be helpful to seek legal advice. Remember, a personal grievance must be raised within 90 days.

We provide an initial consultation free of charge, where we will help you to find out if your rights are being met. 

Rules for Business at Alert Level 4

Businesses cannot make an application to provide an Alert Level 4 service – instead it is up to the business to check whether they meet the definition of an Alert Level 4 business or service.

Workplaces can only open if:

Operating safely includes fulfilling all other health and safety obligations.

  • This means that if an Alert Level 4 service cannot operate safely, workers must not go to work and premises should remain closed.
  • All freight can be distributed and received with essential freight prioritised.
  • Additionally, businesses that are able to operate are encouraged to put in place other measures, consistent with Health and Safety obligations, to prevent their activities contributing to the spread of COVID-19. For example, businesses that can operate are encouraged to have employees work from home wherever this is possible to provide the relevant business or service.

Unite against COVID-19 has further information on safely doing business at Alert Level 4.

Doing business at Alert Level 4 (

Disclaimer – The information above provides an overview of some of the helpful resources available during COVID-19 for employers and employees.

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