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Employers may need to restructure or make someone redundant to survive financially, but there must still be a fair process with reasonable steps in place.

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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is viewed objectively, considering whether the conduct was unwelcome or offensive, from the perspective of the complainant.

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Racial Harassment

The person who is harassing the employee doesn’t have to intend for it to be racial harassment, it depends on how the employee is affected.

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90 Day Trial Period

The 90 day trial clause is not bulletproof. If it is not used correctly, employees can still raise a personal grievance for an unjustified dismissal.

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Exit Packages

An exit package, also known as a settlement agreement or severance package, is an agreement that you will resign in return for payment or benefits.

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An Employment Advocate can provide “No Win, No Fee” employment law services.

For a “No Win – No Fee” case, you are not required to pay any upfront costs to pursue your personal grievance.

We are experts in resolving conflicts and disputes at work, experienced negotiators and aim to resolve any complex employment issue quickly and efficiently, we offer an initial consultation free of charge to discuss any employment issues you may be facing.
When you contact us, we will assess your case and assign it to the Employment Advocate best suited to help you.

An Employment Law Advocate will be in touch with you to discuss your case in depth within 48 hours.